Folkts All Out Choir

Boaz Barkan in collaboration with Jørgen Teller

April to August 2018

Folkets All Out Choir is an evocative action-sound choir that plays with national narratives and symbols. Our flag, our songs, our people. What does this ‘our’ include?!


Eight unique individuals perform simultaneously a series of scenes that intersect song, performance and actions from everyday life. In an intense flow, the ensemble draws the audience into a patchwork of personal stories based on ‘us the people’. The performers use voices and actions as well as a personal collection of objects such as: carpets, irons, iPhones, chainsaws, toy raiders, ect. for a musical and scenic story. All side by side, in a row.

The People’s All Out Choir is a performance of 8 performers. The ensemble consists of individuals with different backgrounds, age and ethnicity. Together, they create a thoughtful performance that reflects our society.

Folkets All Out Choir is a performance made up of 8 diverse individuals in a line, performing 8 different scores simultaneously beside each other, and orchestrated into a whole.

Each of these scores/partiturer involves both physical actions and sound-making activities. And emphasizes the relationship between action and sound.

These hour-long dense scores include intricate layers of: daily actions, noises, gestures, voices, images, dance and music historical references, instruments, literature, technology, and a multitude of other materials and performative attitudes, from a variety of experimental practices and traditions.


These individual scores are performed in a unique and personal fashion with a healthy degree of freedom. And together unfold into a myriad of narratives and life-situations, in harmony and chaos, beside each other, equal and present.

Folkets All Out Choir is a radically frontal performance, and thrives in the thin pre-stage space, where the audience is met directly. Each performer has a square meter in which to perform, right next to each other. Thereby each becomes a personal instrument of life that enables its own space/stage, and together they are a powerful example of diversity, complexity and equality.

The frontal line format of the Choir allows us to tour throughout Denmark and perform in different venues and situations, including theaters, galleries, harbors, parks, street corners.