A World Above

A World Above (2016-2017)

A new-circus performance establishing a new reality in the air

A World Above is the radical journey of a group of four Nordic performers building a community above the ground. A social experiment in the air - requiring new ways of moving, with new modes of being and surviving. Proving the human capacity to create and triumph in extreme environments.

A World Above is an areal performance based on a series of continuous tasks and actions done individually and as a group on multiple levels. These ongoing tasks range from dangerous labor to daily tasks of cleaning, cooking and socializing in mid-air. Gradually, a communal world will be created - a network of ropes, found objects, car parts, furniture, designer materials and live animals. The audience will then be invited to come on stage and observe the new world from below, with only a few people pulled up to join the new world…

Rough edit from 2nd research period, May 2016

Video from 1st research period, March 2016